The Area

Seascape is located about a 45 minute drive North West from the city of Chinandega, in the village of Santa Maria Del Mar, a small friendly fishing community.

There is a river mouth about a 400m walk to the beach from the gate which provides fun little waves. Walk down the beach to the South to the peaky Aposentillo beach break, or to the North to Coco Loco Point. There’s a great bay with user-friendly rights and lefts and a beach break called the Boom which offers world class thumpy barrels both within a short drive. By boat you can access La Isla and a few other secret spots.

Other activities include fishing, boating, horseback riding, sea kayaking, hiking and more.

There are a few local restaurants, a world-class marina, and several small hotels nearby.

The area is still quiet but growing slowly as more surfers venture away from the overcrowded Southern region to discover “real” Nicaragua in the North.

good surf

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