Lot map and pricing

The property is terraced so that all lots have ocean views or would from a second story (bottom row), but with lots on the upper rows having the best views and bottom row is closest to beach (5 min. walk).  Lots are approximately 1/2 acre (40m x 50m).

PROMOTION PRICES (as of October 2017)- 30% DISCOUNT.

  • SOLD-  Lot #2 
  • Lot #3 upper row, road frontage, sea view, only $32,000
  • SOLD- Lot #4
  • Lot #8 second row, sea view, only $30,000
  • Lot #9 second row, road frontage, sea view, only $30,000
  • Lot #12 third row, sea view only $29,000
  • Lot #19 fourth row, RESALE, slight sea view, only $28,000

 These lots are the best deal in Nicaragua right now for 1/2 acre sea view in a development with clean title, power and water!  Comparable lots in this area start at $50,000.



Lot #19 is available for resale with a plan and contract to build a custom 1 bedroom casita with open floor plan and large front patio.  This is Holly and Kim’s lot so e-mail Kim for details (kobermeyer@gmail.com).  Price would depend on the size of the build but for a 21×21′ (441 sqft.) casita with an 8×21′ patio (168 sqft.), price is $79,000.  See the post on Marilyn’s house (https://seascapenicaragua.com/2015/10/05/marilyn-builds-on-lot-1/) that we are building now, its this plan!  Awesome and comfortable 1 bedroom surf casita!!!  Lot alone would be $29,000.

Lot #13 is available for resale with a new, small 1 bedroom house (about 200 sqft.), storage shed and additional landscaping, tree plantings for US$54,000 (click for photos and more info).

BEST DEAL IN NORTHERN NICARAGUA RIGHT NOW- Lot #6 has a beautiful, quality-built 1 bedroom home built by the developer for sale on 1/2 acre lot for $140k JUST REDUCED TO $89,000.  This is the replacement value of the house not even including the lot!  The home has a large front sea view veranda, custom tile floors, custom kitchen with granite counter tops and full appliances, fully furnished with custom mahogany, large front sliding picture windows, double layered roof and air conditioning, mature landscaping and garden with many fruit trees, Hawaiian papayas – all included!  E-mail for more details.

looking west seasview from very topjune 2012 149

june 2012 150 june 2012 148

We also build custom houses e-mail Kim at kobermeyer@gmail.com for details and see Hip-e Habitat Design-Build Northern Nica



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