Marilyn builds on Lot #1!

Marilyn scored on the promotion, got a great deal on Lot #1 and we are already building the casita!  The roof should be done by end of Oct. 2015.  Its an awesome 21×21′ (441sqft.) casita with an 8×21′ (168 sqft.) front patio.  Efficiently designed open floor plan with a U-shaped kitchen, bar and a front wall that opens almost completely to allow the cooling breezes to enter.  The design includes 1 bedroom with a large sliding barn style door to further open the place up.  This was designed (by Kim- see our other builds at Hip-E Habitat to economize space and budget and provide a cool breezy surf hideout.  The ultimate 1 bedroom surf casita!

Kim and Holly are offering their lot (#18) with a similar (or custom to your needs) casita plan for $59,000.  This casita can be built in about 4-6 months.

E-mail Kim for details

Week 1 and 2– home site marked, foundation dug and column footings poured.


Week 12– walls done and roof going on!  The large opening onto the front patio will feature double bi-fold decorative ironwork  doors for a full opening breezeway.

mccart roof2

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Andy and Betty buy lot #11 from overseas

Congratulations to Andy and Betty who closed on Lot #11 last week.  They really wanted it but couldn’t come to Nicaragua again for awhile, so we helped set it up so they’ll be able to run all the paperwork through a lawyer here in Nicaragua after filing a power of attorney through the Nicaraguan consulate in their country.

Lot #11 photo I sent Andy and Betty so they could visualize the terrace placement and view

Annotated photo I sent Andy and Betty so they could visualize the lot lines, terrace placement and view

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Marvelous Managua

managua cuba park

Up until now we had avoided Managua at all costs. It was just the place where the airport is located, a necessary pass-through on our way to the beach. Friends who had lived in Managua for a couple of years (something I could not even fathom) told us it has nice areas and that they much prefer Managua over Washington DC (where they live now). Other friends who live in beach communities in Nica told stories of going to Managua for a weekend getaway, to eat sushi in the movie theater, go shopping, etc. None of this seemed like anything I wanted any part of, until now. Now I get it.

It started with a precious pup with a limp. We came back from surfing one morning and our big 85lb, 10 month old puppy Lobo was limping. We assumed it was a result of standard roughhousing with his buddy Rocco the Rottweiler and didn’t think anything of it. Seven days later he was still limping and whimpering in pain. We made an appointment with Raymari – the only US style vet that i’ve seen in Nicaragua – and since it’s a 3 hour drive each way to Managua, we got a hotel reservation at Hotel Casa Naranja as well.

Of course on the day of the vet appointment, 9 days after the limp started it mysteriously vanished! Classic case of just needing to make the appointment to have the ailment cured. But, we’d already paid for our hotel room, so we decided to make the trip anyways, get Lobo a check-up and blood test, and do some shopping.

Raymari is right across the street from Price Smart, so we popped in to make a wish list.

managua surfboard kimmanagua kim chair model

Price Smart is Managua’s Costco. We don’t have a club card but our trusty taxi driver does, so we put together a list of items for him to buy us the next time he’s in Managua. Kim was pretty psyched on the foam surfboard and the porch furniture!

raft rafting

I got really excited about this big inflatable raft, thinking it would be really fun to try in the surf during retreats like my friends and I did in Hawaii a few years ago! We added things like feta cheese, mixed nuts, tequila, big boxes of granola bars, huge bags of dog food to our list and got out of there before we wanted every item in sight!

managua naranja managua hotel room

Casa Naranja was recommended by two different friends as a really cool dog-friendly place. It exceeded our expectations with a comfy room, stylish setting, and excellent coffee!

managua coffee girlFor dinner we took a walk around the block to check out El Tercer Ojo for some fusion cuisine. Bamboo buddha decor, colorful mood lighting, tables in front of couches over-looking the street, and a varied menu with lots of appetizers, had us feeling groovy. We ordered a bowl of olives, eggplant on toast, chicken caesar salad,  baby back ribs, sushi, and gin and tonics – all dishes we don’t eat very often (never!) out in the countryside. The food was good (not excellent) but we were totally digging the scene.

tercer ojo

In the morning we hit the mall, Metrocentro, and bought the outfits that we’ll wear at our wedding! (We’re getting married in Nica in March!) We hit up La Colonia – the same grocery store we have in Chinandega but a much larger version, then stopped by a Bavarian Deli on the way out of town for awesome German sausages and a few beers to hold us over in between home brewing sessions.

All in all, Managua exceeded our expectations and now our friends who take mini vacations in the big city don’t seem so crazy!

managua beers

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Nicaragua is So Hot Right Now

Surfers have been claiming Nicaragua as a hot spot for years, but recently the mainstream media has been catching on. Nicaragua has graced the cover of the New York Times Magazine’s 2012 Winter Travel Issue


Again, the New York Times focused on Nicaragua, listing it as #3 on the 46 Places to Go in 2013

Finally, the Today Show added Nicaragua to it’s list of the Hottest Travel Destinations for Americans to Visit in 2013.

Come see for yourself why surfers and everyone else finally agree on something. Nicaragua is awesome!

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Surfing the Point at Seascape

A short walk (or even shorter drive) down the road from Seascape Terraces is a fun little left point that is super rippable with even an ocasional tube section. Holly Beck is a pro surfer who owns a lot at Seacape and is happy to demonstrate the shredability of the waves in the area.

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1/2 Acre Ocean View Lot with Casita For Sale – $54k North Nicaragua

daves-frontage crop

This is a newly built 6m x 6m (20′ x 20′= 400 sq. ft.) casita available for immediate purchase and occupancy.  Very cute one bedroom, 1 bathroom, outside kitchenette, patio, breezeway, with some gardens, shade and fruit trees on an ocean view 1/2 acre lot with clean title and all paperwork. Keep it small and simple, or use it as caretaker’s quarters and build a bigger house next to it. Electricity and water are already installed.

Casita-001house for sale

The lot is in a small development called Seascape Terrace in Northern Nicaragua, walking distance to several fun surf spots. Asking price is only US$54,000.  Ready to live in or use as a rental!  Get your Nica paradise retreat today.


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Living Fence on My Lot at Seascape

seascape holly fence

The first step in owning a lot is putting a fence around it so that you and everyone else know exactly which part of the land is yours. In Nicaragua, a living fence is the way to go. There are two different trees that work well for fences – jocote and tiguilote. When one of these posts is set into the ground, they will sprout roots to hold the fence in place and also sprout branches that will add shade.

Both trees produce fruit that is edible though not necessarily delicious. Jocote produces a slightly more tasty oblong shaped fruit that turns orange-red when ripe and is just larger than a cherry with a big pit in the center. Tiguilote produces clusters of almost transparent round white fruits, smaller than grapes with an almost grape-like flavor, with a small pit in the center. Despite the fact that the Jocote fruit is tastier, we prefer planting tiguilote fence posts because the wood is more solid and less appealing to termites. 

We spent about $300US in barb wire plus $150 in posts and labor to fence a 1/2 acre lot.

If you want your fence posts to live and sprout, it’s best to plant them in the rainy season (May – October).

seascape pups

The dogs and the extra barbed wire

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Surfing Around Seascape Terraces

Holly Beck owns a lot at Seascape and chose to live in Nicaragua because of the awesome surf of all varieties. Here’s a montage of Holly surfing a few different spots within a short drive of Seascape.

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Nica lifestyle

More about Seascape and Nica living at:

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