Marilyn builds on Lot #1!

Marilyn scored on the promotion, got a great deal on Lot #1 and we are already building the casita!  The roof should be done by end of Oct. 2015.  Its an awesome 21×21′ (441sqft.) casita with an 8×21′ (168 sqft.) front patio.  Efficiently designed open floor plan with a U-shaped kitchen, bar and a front wall that opens almost completely to allow the cooling breezes to enter.  The design includes 1 bedroom with a large sliding barn style door to further open the place up.  This was designed (by Kim- see our other builds at Hip-E Habitat to economize space and budget and provide a cool breezy surf hideout.  The ultimate 1 bedroom surf casita!

Kim and Holly are offering their lot (#18) with a similar (or custom to your needs) casita plan for $59,000.  This casita can be built in about 4-6 months.

E-mail Kim for details

Week 1 and 2– home site marked, foundation dug and column footings poured.


Week 12– walls done and roof going on!  The large opening onto the front patio will feature double bi-fold decorative ironwork  doors for a full opening breezeway.

mccart roof2

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5 Responses to Marilyn builds on Lot #1!

  1. Family and friends are stoked on the build. We want to be able to accommodate those wanting to visit and enjoy the beautiful community of Rancho Santa Maria Del Mar. So all who are interested in staying at the casita when its ready can message me on Facebook or e-mail @

  2. The Butterfly House in Aposentillo

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