About Seascape

PROMOTION- 30% OFF THE NEXT 2 LOTS SOLD!  As of July 2017 until the next 2 lots are sold. Lot #12- $29,000 , upper lots only $35,000.  Best deal in Nicaragua right now for 1/2 acre seaview in a development with good title, power and water!
One lot (#1) has been sold  and is being built now but the promo continues.  Lot #2 is awesome, somebody will get lucky to buy it cheap!

Seascape is a small community of fully titled, 1/2 acre seaview lots already equipped with power and water, a short walk to the beach.  Get your spot in paradise!

Of the 22 original lots at Seascape Terrace, there are still 7 for sale and 3 for re-sale.  All of the remaining lots are about a 1/2 acre in size (40m x 50m), with sea views from ground level. The land is terraced and flat for easy building.  The lots are all fully titled with the Letter of No Objection (a very important document).

The development already has power and water to each lot and with the flat building area it is the easiest and most economical place to get started on building a nice Nicaraguan home for occasional getaway, full-time living, or rental home.

A 400 meter, 5 minute walk down a quiet shady road brings you to the beach at Santa Maria Del Mar and cute little fishing village bordering a salt water estuary.  Colorful boats rest on the sand and there is fresh catch available every morning.

There is beach break surf right there especially when there is a medium to large swell in the water, and several other better spots within walking distance.

Seascape Terrace is located about 45 minutes north of Chinandega which is a 2 hour drive from the international airport in Managua.  In Chinandega you can get everything you need from imported foods, markets, home furnishings, espresso and more.

Come check it out for yourself and find out why everyone is talking about Nicaragua.

GE north nica Seascape location

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  1. Pablo says:

    Where exactly is located?, how much are the prices?

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